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We offer the best software and premium support services in the industry to safeguard our customers and their technology.

STOPzilla is developed for consumers and small businesses alike. We are dedicated to protecting our customers from malicious software and viruses. Our suite of products and our partnerships offer our customers an end to end security solution, and a technical support experience that is unique in the industry.

What makes STOPzilla successful?

  • Our mission to provide complete customer satisfaction
  • We offer quality software at cost-efficient prices
  • Our AntiVirus and AntiMalware software offerings are award-winning
  • Our customer care and support teams are all highly skilled and qualified
  • We stay abreast of changing security needs


STOPzilla began back in 2001 as a popup blocker. That product very quickly evolved into fully-fledged AntiMalware software that protected PC users from a wide variety of threats. In the last few years, STOPzilla matured into a robust AntiVirus and AntiMalware product that is effective, easy to use and will not slow down a computer. To date, STOPzilla has protected over 9 million users worldwide.