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5 / 5
Saved my PC

I'm a lifetime subscriber, for two very good reasons. One -- Stopzilla is a comprehensive, accurate, /thorough/ antivirus MACHINE. Two -- this awesome utility saved my computer from a very pervasive and destructive virus (not to mention: yucky! pirated my browser to some very 'questionable' sites. :( ). Nothing else would touch that virus, others like a certain Windows product and another one that starts with an A, wouldn't even recognize that anything bad was on the computer! Stopzilla saved the day, and I've been a dedicated user ever since. Thanks for a GREAT product!

Yes I would recommend

Anna - Illinois

5 / 5

You need a one stop site for Anti-Virus - and PC Optimizer - Get STOPzilla - Great Product - Great Pricing Structure - Great Customer Service - Enough Said

Yes I would recommend

David Brian Homewood - England

Had to call STOPzilla today and had the best customer service experience ever. Felix was great! He is very knowledgeable and found the problem. He walked me through everything. He was very nice and polite. A big thank you Felix and I will recommend STOPzilla to all my friends and family.

Carol L

A great product, not just for the US. I am in the UK and have had Stopzilla for a bit over three years. With Stopzilla you feel safe and have total confidence in the protection it gives.

Lesley & John W.

SZ is the best deep scanner and capturer. Long ago I had a really bad keylogger and redirect virus. I tried McGaffe, Panda, AVG,Spybot, MS Essentials and others I don't recall. Now I run SZ and WinUtilities together with great results. Thank you!

Lois W

Stopzilla is a wonderful protection, that's also bring exceptional customer service. I simply like the fact this company is strictly US based. Which means I do not have to speak to someone I can hardly understand. Stopzilla is truly a one of a kind program and I will recommend it to my friends and family. THANKS STOPZILLA!!

Anthony S

I contracted the Win 7 Total Security virus, to the point that I couldn't boot up my computer. I was getting Blue Screens. I was able to boot into the Safe Mode. I tried the anti virus program I subscribed to and tried a free trial of another popular product. None of them had any positive affect. I tried STOPzilla 2013 and it cleaned house. It claimed to have found and cleaned about 1080 virus'. I am up and running now and I just wanted to tell you your product is fantastic!

John H

I just wanted to let you know that your Tech Support helped me out this morning in with the installation of STOPzilla on my husband's computer. He was GREAT!!!, pleasant, and an enormous help.

Linda L

I know that this is going to sound corny but whenever the pop-up that tells me that STOPzilla has been updated I feel as I have nothing to worry about online. Just wanted to thank you for the protection you offer me


I am glad to say the problems with Resisting Trojan I experienced recently with my computer have been solved – by STOPzilla. Thank you for caring!

Gunnar B

Your customer service responses are always so quick. You have once again confirmed why I am so very satisfied with your products and service.

Kay F

I love the new look, very professional


I really like this software for my computer. Now I see that it also includes anti-virus. Thank you so much for upgrading the software to do more functions, so I no longer need other protection against malware or viruses.

Rose W

After a couple of weeks chatting with your support team the Trojan Win 32 is gone. Thanks to all the people on your support team. I will tell friends about STOPzilla.

Gerry K

I am thrilled with the immediacy and the amazing technical help I received today by STOPzilla. It is the absolute best, you have the most courteous, responsive and professional personnel in your company. I use your software on my computer, my wife's and my computer at work. I will put it in the gas tank of my truck if I could and will protect my car from viruses and malware.

Brad D

I just had STOPzilla installed and had some questions about the installation process and your Tech was very helpful

B. L.

I have used STOPzilla for a few years and trust it to protect my computer. I have purchased a new laptop and was interested in extending my coverage to include my new computer and he gave me many options and guidance. Your Tech is a true expert and a kind person and took the time to ask questions and get to understand my needs and not just try to make a sale. I am so glad he took care of me tonight and upgraded my subscription service with your company.

Roy H

I would like to mention that I had excellent technical support from your STOPzilla Tech

Hubert M

Many thanks. There I was with IE browser claiming no add-ons activated and every time I went to a bank website it said go to Mozilla. That browser claimed I had to enter all my credit card data in. (Turns out the IP was going to somewhere in Russia). Two scans with STOPzilla and a reboot of the computer, I am back to normal and my credit card information was safe. Excellent product!!


I think you guys saved me about $1,000 today. ESET32NOD my current antivirus program which I've used for a few years and respect, identified a severe threat malware, Sirefef.FB but could not clean it. My little Toshiba laptop is about 6 years old and only had about 30G available and I was planning to buy another laptop today, Sunday. Desperately I did some Google searches and found STOPzilla on the web, checked out some reviews and downloaded it to my laptop. Five hours later, STOPzilla found 10 infections, 7 of them severe, so I decided to purchase your software to fix my problem and not replace my computer. Additionally at the beginning of the scan, STOPzilla freed-up 40 extra G of disk space.

Mike H

Your service and products are truly superior to all

Steve S

I will just say that I have never had support like I have had from the Techs at STOPzilla. I have received the best possible care from all the Techs I spoke with. They never gave up on me or my computer, and went, an extra mile in order to solve my concerns and issues. They were patient and thorough in everything they did. There are not enough words to say "thank you". They are worth every penny. I also appreciate your system of Techs here in the USA.

Judy W

I wanted to personally thank you for your time and effort last night in solving my virus problem. I have ran several STOPzilla scans and they are all coming up clean and my computer is working properly. Thanks for your assistance and the great customer support.

Wayne R